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Investing Strategy


Gandhi Group of Companies is a parent company of many divisions. One of those divisions is No Loss Investment. No Loss Investment is a real estate investment firm that aims at providing high yield safe investment opportunities with low risk.


No Loss Investment finances the real estate construction by Bravo E-Z build, another division of Gandhi Group of Co. Bravo E-Z build is a company that fabricates and constructs state of the art, custom built eco friendly homes. These homes use revolutionary and innovative building techniques and eco friendly materials to provide ultra-modern and sophisticated homes that provide comfortable, healthy and affordable living. These homes are unlike anything else on the market!


Unlike most real estate investment firms that do not invest any of their own capital, ours is the first money invested into each and every construction project! We believe by investing our own money, we show our confidence in the project and that we are 100% committed and dedicated to making the project a success!

Your financial investment will be put towards the property and construction of one of these outstanding eco friendly homes. Once the house is completed and sold, you will receive: 


          your original investment + a % of the profits of the sale*

Your initial investment means you 'own' a piece of this real estate (property and constructed house). This is how we can GUARANTEE you’re your original investment is secure. Thus, you can see that this is the best place to invest your money with the greatest opportunities for high interest rates of return, with low to no risk in a short-term investment.

Here is an example of our investment model:

This model will breakdown how the investment works and how the real estate investors profit from their propterty investment.

  6 people are investing 'X' amount of money into the purchase of the land (property) and construction of the house.

Real Estate, Investment property


                    Purchase Price of Home (A)* -  Construction Costs (B)** = % of Profit (C)

                              % of Profit / 6 Real Estate Investors  = Individual Profit (D)***

                                                      e.g. A - B = C

                                                 C / 6 Real Estate Investors = D

                          X (Original Investment) + D = Each Real Estate Investor’s Return

By rolling over your investment and its returns, into another eco friendly homes project, you will see your money grow at a more rapid rate than any other investment vehicle. This is the essence of true profit sharing and offers more benefits than any bank or Investment Company can provide.


We are in business to make the most profitable investment returns with our money & yours. It is truly the best low risk investment available while at the same time providing you with the potential for the highest interest rates of return on that investment, both at the same time!


Our No Loss Investment opportunities are a great alternative to conventional investment property ventures or rental investment property because our investments will provide you with a faster and higher return without any of the hassles of owning and maintaining investment property!


Come join us and see your money work for you with higher returns!



     * Varies based on current market values 

     ** Includes all costs related to building and selling or a home and property

     *** Less  business operating  costs







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