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Diversifying Your Retirement Investments through a Self-Directed IRA or Real Estate IRA

Are you disappointed with the returns on your traditional IRA (individual retirement account)? Are you seeking a safer alternative to the volatile stock market for your retirement funds?

Well, in these tough economic times, we are all looking for investments that are safe and have the potential for high yield returns on investment. For this very reason, there is growing movement from traditional IRA (Roth IRA, SEP-IRA, and 401K plans) to alternative retirement options that are secure and produce a high yield return on investment. This alternative option is investing in real estate investments through a self directed IRA. Intelligent investors are taking control of their own financial future and investing in a self directed IRA is a popular investor choice. We at No Loss  Investments can provide you with this alternative investment vehicle.


Intelligent Investors are Taking Control of Their Financial Future with a Self Directed IRA

Unfortunately most believe that their only IRA investment options are bank CDs or the stock market and mutual funds, not real estate. The truth is that since 1975, there have been a greater variety of IRA investment options available to investors. Most people are unacquainted with self directed IRAs because the financial services companies don't make us very aware, since they receive no commissions or fees from you investing your funds through self directed methods and therefore limited to no information regarding other investment options. 


Thoroughly Maximize Your IRA Investment Options through a Self Directed IRA

We believe that to fully maximize your IRA investment options, it is necessary to have a retirement plan that allows you to choose the IRA investments that are best for you. A fully self directed IRA grants you the freedom to invest in various types of investments. The Internal Revenue Service and US Treasury Department’s regulations regarding self directed IRAs are flexible and very liberal in how they can be used. There are however a few restrictions. With a self directed IRA or real estate IRA you can invest your retirement funds when, where, and how you want.

At No Loss  Investment, we provide you with an alternative investment option through a self directed IRA or real estate IRA, which have a higher potential to earn high yield returns on your investment, through a low risk vehicle.


Take Hold of the Freedom to Choose Your Own Retirement Investments

Thus, allowing you to create your financial future with the freedom to make choices with your retirement plans. Self directed IRAs and real estate IRAs give you the unique ability to choose from a variety of investment options. Therefore, by diversifying your investments, you are helping to protect and enhance your retirement income.


Consider a Self Directed IRA when Planning for Retirement !



Restrictions Link
1. You can't invest in collectibles (including works of art, rugs, antiques) and
2. You MUST have a qualified intermediary handle your funds when you are investing them as well as any income distributions or other gains to put back into the fund. 
3. You are not allowed to personally profit in any way from the investment until you reach retirement status, all earnings stay with the investment, which is verified by the qualified intermediary. 
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